Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Wave

Everyone can be great when they have it.
How good are you when you don’t?

When it’s pure, it’s simple.
It’s a wave you ride home.
No thinking.
The wave has you and it knows.
Gravity has nothing on that wave.

Then, there are the days when
You struggle with the words.
Like mountain radio,
The signal comes and goes.
You have to try.
Even worse,
You think you must think.
Nothing is worse than trying.
Except thinking.

You’re a half beat ahead.
Maybe a full beat behind.
Doesn’t feel like music.
There’s just spaces and empty faces.

You’re only as good as you are at your worst.

Up to you to raise the level:
Cause when you don’t have the magic,
Too bad.
The tricks don’t care; they just need doing.

You can’t call a friend.
There’s no lifeline..
No sparks. No surprise. Nothing.
It’s a busy signal. Can’t get no. Connection.
And it sucks.

The worse part?
You know what happened
Because you were in your head.

So, what do you do?

Give up.
Don’t try to listen.
Don’t pretend to hear.
Listen. And forget about you.
It’s never about you.

When you make it about you.
It’s even worse.

Vice versa/Versa vice.

Sometimes, you slip back inside.
And find the wave.
Later, you wonder why you ever left.

Great question.

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