Saturday, July 29, 2017

Take The Risk

We love to dance,
As if hearing the music for the first time.

Sometimes we’re free, finding space
Unburdened, across the border into ourselves.
But sometimes the melody stems from fear,
Fear that we’ve said too much, coupled
With regret that we said too little.

We flutter and flit, wanton insects,
seeking purchase and reward:
Glancing ahead and behind,
Making sure we don’t offend,
While hinting at truths with
Casual innuendo.

And that’s kind of sad.

We ache when someone
Treats us poorly, or that we
Believe treated us poorly;
We say nothing in a manner
That endorses the behavior
That bothered us so.

We let it go, afraid to ruffle feathers,
Afraid that we will lose something
That we don’t deserve; that we
Are not worthy of thoughtful,
Consistent consideration.

Instead, we flutter and flit, acting
Like an adult, when in fact
There are no adults, just bigger children.
Yeah, we’re all his children. Or her children.
Somebody’s children, at any rate.

We all got to smile, and we’re all gonna cry.

All of us, every single one of us, needs to belong,
To be accepted, to be held in high regard, that 
We matter. And to some people, we matter so much
That there’s no beginning or end … it is simply
A universe of matter.

And yet we flutter and flit,
Seeking the ripest fruit,
With one eye on yesterday, and 
The other on next week.

We try to accept that most people take,
And fail to give. We try to make that “all right”
By darting about to a tune 
That lacks merit.

Might I suggest stop
Dancing to this music?

Take the risk that the truth
You tell won’t crash the plane.

You might just fly higher.

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