Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mooch

We barely had to time to wonder what's next.

Scaramucci comes in, Spicer quits, and The Mooch goes ballistic in his first interview. He slams Bannon and Priebus, Preibus doesn't fight back. Then, Priebus is "replaced" (fired for the less sensitive crowd) — and let go in Mooch-esque fashion. Another revealing moment in how much character our president lacks. When you fire people by phone, instead of looking them in the eye, what does that say?

I know what i'd say back to Trump if i were Priebus: F U. And i don't mean Felix Unger.

Trump reassigns Kelly, a guy who's been around and knows some things, to replace Priebus. Many were relieved that Trump had picked, shockingly, someone who could run Homeland Security. Not a billionaire or flunky (or both) who would destroy the department.

And if the reports are accurate, Kelly demanded that The Mooch be sacked. Poetic meets Justice.

If only this were happening in a different country, it would be amusing.

But this mess is evolving in The White House — whenever the Charlatan-In- Chief happens to be there.

There's also the small matter of finding a replacement to run Homeland Security. Obviously, Trump needs to feel more at ease with his staff, than perhaps, the country needs to feel safe from what is getting to be a vast throng of those with a bone to pick with this administration. Hard to feel confident that the new head of Homeland Security will be competent. Or even interested.

Beginning to suspect that the new OOPS app is going to get a workout on at least one phone.

(What new OOPS app? It's a joke, son, a joke). 😎

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  1. Fingers crossed that Kelly also stipulated that he be involved in choosing his replacement at Homeland Security. We need more adults in the room.

    Get to work on that OOPS app, Mark. It would be an immediate hit.