Saturday, July 29, 2017

Soft Ambiguity

In the hazy calm that soft
ambiguity provides,
You can let it all go free
and dance with the tide.

Maybe mamba coming in.
Or sweet salsa going out.
Either way, you just flow
And eventually make strides
To your mystery . . .
Your private surprise.

Later, crossing still water
In that favorite disguise.
Your secrets remain safe;
You’ve got nothing to hide.

They say the role
Wasn’t written for you.
You can’t handle foils
Or pronounce adieu.

It gets worse with the
Angst the third act brings;
You can’t find your sword
Or tighten loose strings.

The market remains light
For pointless musketeers
And equally slim for
Clumsy puppeteers.

But you’re committed;
You must act out the part.
If you eschew all logic
And just go with the heart,

You can say hi to that realm
Where true focus resides
In that hazy calm that soft
Ambiguity provides.

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