Saturday, July 29, 2017

Second Hand Fox

Paradise Hotel
Dining for two
TV in the bar
Spewing its spew

Ask the bartender
Please turn the dial
He says with a grin,
“That ain’t my style.”

Turns up the sound
Stubborn as an ox
Stuck in limbo
Second Hand Fox

Unfiltered intrusion
Permeating the air
Obstinate inclusion
Get me out of there

Psychic invasion
Too much to bear
Can’t see a thing
Too much glare

Wrinkle your toes
Flatten your socks
Assault your nose
Second Hand Fox

I’m a traveling man
Prepared to handle
Smog and cancer sticks
Portent of vandals

Lumpy pillows
Worn out scandals
Rooms with no view
Even wickless candles

But please spare me the
Noise of tampered clocks
Metronome diffusion
Second Hand Fox

Wrinkle your toes
Stain your smocks
A lethal dose of
Second Hand Fox

And then I dreamed
Of what might be:

Paradise Hotel
What’s that I see?
A new bartender

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