Sunday, June 3, 2018

We're In This Together

From the locomotive
to the caboose
Everyone’s looking
for a decent excuse.

But in fact,
Y’all about simple:
Splitting the hair
between a freckle
and a dimple.

isn’t a color;
it’s an attitude ...

An assumption
that’s equal parts
wrong and crude.

We’re in this together.
or should be.
That’s the ideal
that hunts reality.

One sky above
the human race
Staring at the stars
In essence, one smile
from one present face.

We’re in this together.

Each of us seeking
actions that share our love,
that we do for others
Without motive or guile.
The giving is all that matters.

Everyone craves purpose
As much as they need acceptance
To belong. And we do.
In the family of woman and man.
The kicker is that no matter our age
We remain children, or try to.

We’re in this together.
And we can be.
it starts right now
With you and me.

We’re in this together.

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