Saturday, June 9, 2018

Notes From The Trail

A production is often
Akin to a cattle drive
That spans 
Months of doubt
and many miles.

Head 'em up,
Move 'em out!

A band of fresh strangers
In the beginning
Discovering the quirks
Of what works
And what doesn't.

Encountering habits 
That get in the way
And those
that provide beacons
To the path that
Defines shared purpose.

Old hands,
New hands,
Young hands …
Each with reasons
Of their own
For taking the journey.

At first the task
Seems almost overwhelming.
Step by step
Affirms the value of patience,
And gradually
A sense of community emerges.
That and the old saw about 
All for one
And one for all.

But there’s a reason
That old saw
Still cuts wood.
The biggest picture
Turns individuals
Into members of the ensemble
That moves 
And thinks 
As a unit.

And why?

Simply to share the story.

Each production has this lofty goal,
Whether it be a dog-eared classic
Or something fresh from a printer,
The story is king.

One of the challenges
Is staying present
While trusting others
Will do the same.

Reality whispers
That it takes time
To get everyone on the same page.
A lot of time.

But it does happen.

Often it
Is the residue of design,
But sometimes
It is magic that
Can’t be explained.

Perhaps a shade of cloud
That the wind beckoned
Just in the nick of time —
At the brink of the abyss,
With so much in doubt,
And yet as if Prospero
Winked and waved his wand,
Clarity takes command,
And eludes certain peril.

The collective sigh.
The “it’s all good” of all goods.

As you wander
Off the stage
Eager and relieved —
Heart and mind
In happy tandem —
You hope everyone else
Is as keen 
As you are 
To return.

Not to repeat.

But to discover.


And again.

And again.

Whether it be
Eager child 
Or savvy adult:
Process is the reason
As well as the result.

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