Monday, June 11, 2018

They Say

They say
Dreams come and go
Like the tide
And all you do is ride.

Who are they anyway?

What do they know?
And why are they
Always saying something
In ways 
that bring to mind
The hubris of
Amateur critics
Who inhabit
A snarky realm
Of passive observation.
Fueled with massive envy
For those who dare
Do what we do.

If they loved theatre,
They would feel, 
Rather than dissect 
Each play like a high school frog
While a boom box moans
In the background:
“Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology.”


Theatre needs the help, too.
Not for what it is
Or how it is 
Or what it intends to be ..
But merely that it exists.

And continues … 

In essence a typewriter
Or a phone booth
Still finding purpose
In a laptop, smart device world.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it?
Theatre reminds us
Who we actually are
As much as it does
Who we want to be
And who we've been,
Particularly those 
Who took abrupt turns
Into madness and greed
That led to self-inflicted
Versions of hell.

Of course hell keeps changing
Its goal posts.
Each generation
Has its own definition
While blindly believing
The antidote is close at hand.

(Heaven is just a shot away,
An opioid away,
A bottle away,
A toke away.)

Theatre marches on,
But it also honors its past,
Reviving projects
That once breathed 
With cutting edge/avant garde
Surprise and insight.

The apps of our lives
Will always change,
Sometimes for the better
Mostly just for a fresh diversion.

But human nature?

What was true in the 16thcentury
Is just as valid today
And as keen 
As it will be tomorrow, too.

It’s a question of need, actually.

We yearn to navigate 
A taut wire
Without a net;
To find life in each second
In full view,
As if alcove cloaked.

To be.
That’s the thing.
Some might say the rub
But what do they know?

All of this 
Circles back to
Gauntlets of judgment,
Self-absorbed epistles
That hai ku months of effort
With motives that tear down
Rather than enhance.

It’s widely known
That it is not wise
To let other people
Get their kicks for you.

And it is just as unwise
To allow they the final say.

It’s okay to read the review
But remain skeptical 
As to its intent.

They exist because
WE do, not vice versa.

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