Monday, January 8, 2018

Perfect Playlist

Magazine shares the records
That we might have missed.
Lined them up in order,
But here’s the gist:
Some have moxie
Others bring a hiss,
Like who got married
But neglected to kiss.

Some girls make me horny.
Some girls made me sad.
Some girls have legal briefs
To sue my damn ass bad.

“Happy birthday to me, living free!
Center of attention that must be me.”
Donnie struts like young Mick Jagger,
shotgun cloak, waving his dagger.
“I’m a midnight rambler,
But not one of those.”

That’s where we are
In times like these:
Adams get away with murder
Putting the blame on Eves.

Picking over the pieces.
Lip smacking the crumbs.
Licking off the spoon.
Laughing at the bums.

Cattle call formula,
A menu for the jaunt:
Make ‘em stand and strip
To see which one you want.

Like songs on the iPod
Arranged for full effect.
Some you cut, some you keep
No need to hedge the bet.

Facing the pathetic truth
Of predators in our midst
Obsessed with the notion
of the perfect playlist:

Is it on random?
Which one to use?
On second thought
Just let me choose.

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