Sunday, January 7, 2018


Science claims 
A finish to
Every start.
Nothing runs

One plus one
Equals two?

But is that true?

Science can do
The math.
It can even chart
The laughs.

But what
Exactly does
Science know
About the heart?

Science can replace,
Mend, repair, and
get the blood flowing:
It will keep you breathing.

And when you’ve
Ventured too close
To the alternative,
You’re eager,

But that awareness
Doesn’t last
As long as you hoped it would.
You drift in a haze,
Part numb and part indifferent.
You shut down the care mode
And wait for the fog to lift.

Nothing runs forever.

Nothing but your need.
Moment to moment
Validates your space in the long term lot.
You want and need love
Hundreds of times a day.

It’s a river that
Refuses to run dry.
It never will.

It’s the source
That feeds the ocean
And puts gravity
In the potion.

Perpetual emotion.

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