Thursday, January 4, 2018

Clinging To The Raft

Can’t say I’m over it.
Pretty much stays on my mind.
Like tracking someone in snow,
It’s just a matter of time.

Yeah, it stings,
And I’m talking smack.
A caged bird sings
Not for what he has
But what he lacks.

You might go down.
Don’t give up hope;
You can have the last laugh
Just clinging to the raft.

Fly away.
That’s the dream.
Whether on your own
Or a biplane’s wings:
Let those winds howl,
Shake, rattle and roll;
Put it on glide and
Make yourself whole.

Don’t forget to laugh.
And, of course, keep
Both hands on the raft.

So it’s up to you:
Half empty,
Half full,
It’s your point of view.
There might even
Be room for two.

Titanic tip regarding
The biggest gaff.
Next time,
Get a bigger raft.

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