Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Phialasophy Live (An Outline)


There are 18 scenes, the number of holes on golf course, or the average playlist,

Want the piece to be no longer than 79 minutes, the amount of time that is on a CD for music.

The arc is simply the search for oneself. Time and time again I’ve been a dumbass, but I’ve also been lucky. The goal of Phialasophy Live is to create a performance piece that mixes elements of theatre and storytelling that serves to entertain as well as warn, and perhaps help, others with their journey.

This is where things stand now, but as one might expect, it is fluid.

A Warmup
"What you are about to see ...."

Scene 1 —  Gym Rat
The days of running to 15 in Woolen Gym on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. (Running to 15 is the way pickup games were played. First team to score 15 baskets and win by 2.

Scene 2 — Verse & Music
Sonnets, lyrics, and their influence.

Scene 3 —  First & Last Beers
High school graduation and a J.J. Cale concert in Charlotte form two bookends.

Scene 4 —  Poison Ivy
A lengthy saga in West Virginia where  one summer I was the basketball and golf counselor at Camp Mini Ha Ha (its actual name)  I drove a convertible mustang off a cliff into a dense patch of evil leaves and what transpired after that.

Scene 5 —  The Chief
First role in theatre, Chief Bromden in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST

Scene 6 — Point To The Passer
In my view basketball and theatre are closely entwined ...   this scene will demonste how focus on stage, and passing a basketball to a teammate are the same energy.

Scene 7 — Hindenburg Hits The Titanic
Summer Stock craziness that led to one of my life's biggest disasters.

Scene 8 — Urban renewal
How i managed to get to NYC and survive there in spite of myself.

Scene 9 — Life’s Good Friends
A retrospective of humans and animals.

Scene 10 — Hindenburg Hits Titanic Again
How I flunked out of NYC and destroyed so many things.

Scene 11 — Heart Like A Radial
The journey from confusion to clarity, or a least toward clarity as to what I wanted to do ... a search that has no sign of ending.

Scene 12 — Never A Borrower Or A Vendor
Dynasty Soccer Gear, the business i owned and ran for a decade.

Scene 13 — On The Road
Reflections of two memorable road trips during the DSG phase.

Scene 14 — Trent Jones (John D & Maverick)
Trent Jones is the lead role in my novel, WHO KILLED 20G?  And the concept stemmed from John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee series, as well as the easy-going humor of Maverick, a TV series.

Scene 15 — Mulligan
How i got a second chance in many things ... marriage and theatre, for instance.

Scene 16 — Polonius
What it meant to do a production of Hamlet in this role.

Scene 17 — Musings from the blog
Selected readings from Phialasophy, the blog.

Scene 18 — Vertical
 My work with Amira Glaser, an Alexander Technique teacher, and how this pursuit has reshaped me mentally and physically.

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