Monday, December 11, 2017

Wild Man Be Careful

His name before adopted was Charleston. We renamed him Orson, as he gained so much weight that his empire expanded in a manner similar to how Orson Welles went from splinter to massive Redwood.

Ruth says there was a note about Orson, WILD MAN BE CAREFUL, that she shared with me.

I never heard it or perhaps didn't want to hear it.

Orson was a brilliant cat, relentless about getting more food, not one to suck up or even be friendly, unless it was on his terms. Orson came to us in April of 2005. He has been a source of conversation, and of his many "legends" ... the night he swallowed a lizard under our bed ranks high.

Today, we woke up to the horrible moment when we discovered Orson had died during the night.

Orson Stalvey will be missed.

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