Thursday, October 19, 2017

What's been going on?

I was asked if I'd quit blogging, or had given up writing verse — whatever you choose to call the form I post here.

I've labeled it vertical prose.

But it has been since Sept. 14 that I have posted anything on this site.

Well, I've been consumed with a physical fitness regimen that when I finish, I'm pretty much done for the day, mentally and physically.

How can this be?

I'm averaging almost two hours a day on a recumbent bike. That's a lot of bike at any age.

I guess this is an excuse, not a reason.

Another factor is that I haven't been reading as much as I did last summer. I finished Richard Stark's Parker series, and nothing else has grabbed me.

The news has engaged me, mostly because our president keeps proving me wrong  — I keep thinking that we've seen his worst. I'm now convinced we've barely scratched the surface.

The obsession with fitness is a nice one to have, but I need to find balance as I gradually shed the weight I've decided to lose.

If you enjoy what i write, please be patient. I'm coming back.

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