Friday, August 18, 2017

Fleet of Souls

“Feels like
I know you.
That we’ve
Spoken many times.

Feels like
I’ve been here.
That what is
About to unfold
I’ve seen.”

Can’t tell
If it’s my mind
Recalling a movie,
Or my memory
Of what I'd done
Or wanted to do.
What was real?

I don’t know
All the answers.
Just a few.

There’s a hint of fresh basil
Lingering in the hall,
Mingling with garlic. 
I wondered.
Hoped is more like it.

Feels so
Almost rehearsed.

I felt so at ease
In her presence.
Raven black hair that
Gently touched
Her shoulders.
Hazel eyes that
Witnessed everything.
I wanted to hold her
Until we slept.

Have we met?”

When her eyes
Synced with mine,
I could feel the heat.

“Yes, of course.
Which century did you
have in mind?”

“You pick,” I said.

She turned away
Just for a second.
“I have my favorites.
But we outdid ourselves
In 1869.”


“Don’t you believe me?”

“I want to.”

She took my hand.
“Look at this tiny scar
On your palm.”

I opened my clenched fist
And found a strange mark.
I couldn’t recall
When that had happened.

I put it there with a quill,”
She said. “I’ve been sorry
About it for a long time.
We had an argument about
One of the men who came
To my restaurant.”


“Bar Harbor.”

“I’ve never been
To Bar Harbor.”

She sighed.
“No, not this trip.
But I remember when
You got off the boat.
Couldn’t avert my eyes.
You were something.”

The sun found
My neck and face,
A different warmth.
Or maybe it was just me
Wanting to be
Alone with her.

I couldn’t tell
If it was my film
Or someone else’s.

She unlocked a trunk
And took out a thick
Dusty tome
With parchment pages.

“The answers are in here.
But this is the gist.
We are born. Sometimes
Everything works out.
We live that once.

Most of us have to keep at it.
We struggle, and if we don’t
Make it, we return to the fleet of souls,
Where we sail on the sea
Until we’re ready to try again.
That’s where we met the first time.
On deck at sunset.”

“When was that?”

“We were Vikings.”


She grinned.
“You want more pot?”

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